The most popular mobile streaming services

Anyone with Internet access can watch free online movies, TV shows, sports, and live streaming clips. Streaming services are incredibly popular today. Here are a few services that lead the way in offering non-stop entertainment to users.


Arguably the most popular site available for streaming videos online, users don’t all know that YouTube also offers thousands of free movies to choose from and a variety of genres. Once users own a subscription, they can watch free movies on YouTube.


Tubi has become a trendy website for streaming free TV Shows and Movies with no account required. It offers thousands of free movies and series. Tubi is also available as an app that can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.


Netflix is arguably the best online video streaming service available on the market today. It offers viewers a long list of movies and series to watch from a range of different genres. New movies and series are also constantly being added. Netflix has also captained large-scale production projects, providing audiences with new and original productions.

Amazon Prime Video

Those who prefer emerging streaming services such as Amazon Prime will find a variety of video entertainment with one of the largest streaming libraries on the market. Live streaming fans who are satisfied with Amazon’s range of other services will find its streaming services to be of the same quality.


The Disney+ streaming service is probably one of the latest additions to the streaming market, but it has also garnered much support due to its historical significance. For those who love Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, this is the place to make a stop. This site is for viewers who are looking for a little bit of nostalgia.