Inspiring app features of the future

Sources suggest that the average US consumer has 36 apps on their device. However, many apps are eventually removed after the first use because of poor user experiences. So, what is to come over the next decade?

Technology will continue to enhance our mobile experiences. With 5G being introduced, the ability to stream and download video content will rise in speed, waving goodbye to buffering.

Where is it going?

Many experts have asked the question about the place that mobile apps hold in the future of society. The future of mobile apps lies within three core areas: precision and yield, speed and efficiency, and trusted access.

Mobile apps have been a catalyst for advances in location accuracy and voice search. Consumers are used to operating mobile apps within a trusted environment. With accurate and precise navigation and communication via apps, consumers are more likely to invest their time and money.

Speed and efficiency ensure that consumers can access content quicker, which augments the overall experience in providing the right message at the right time. Consumers also indicate that they are more willing to share their personal information in exchange for more personalized experiences.

A bright future

Popular app features that use GPS technology, advanced security protocols, and voice recognition are becoming increasingly advanced. The next decade of mobile apps will see artificial intelligence working together with consumers, allowing for more trust to be generated between the user and their device.

The user experience can only get better; developers are always buzzing with innovative ideas for the future.