The most lucrative mobile apps

Some apps are specially designed for professions. Apps have been designed to support the medical industry or even engineering. Although these apps are incredibly useful for some industries, their price range may be far out of reach for the normal consumer. You might also need to belong to a certain organization to be eligible for one of these apps.


If you are a dentist, then perhaps this app designed for iPhones and iPads will be of interest. This app is priced at $499.99. It allows dentists to explain treatment plans to their patients via an informative visual display. The procedures demonstrated on the app include treatments for tooth decay, dental surgeries, and cosmetic dentistry.

The Alchemist SMS

The metal industry puts this app to good use. This app is specifically designed for professionals in scrap management and recycling. It is available for $999.99 on iOS devices. The app allows users to reduce raw material expenses.

It will help users come up with a price solution based on the metals available in their inventory to pre-define chemistries and specifications of various steel alloys.

BarMax California

The Bar Exam is arguably one of the hardest tests ever designed for the human mind. If you are aiming to pass that, then paying $1000 for BarMax California is an option. It was designed by a Harvard Law student; it is loaded with questions from past Bar exams and lectures from law professors. BarMax California is the only mobile app that is defined as the comprehensive guide for Bar takers.


Individuals who love to gamble and trade in the stock market will find Alpha Trader to give them a significant edge. The app, which charges about $1000 for purchasing, is defined as a “fully integrated investment trading suite.”  Users can equip themselves with advanced trading tools and resources on this app.

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